Chris’ Priorities

Industry Recruitment, Retention, and Involvement
ACS’s membership has declined in recent years. Of particular concern is the decline in industry members. During my tenure on the Board (2017-2018), and leveraging my 33+ year industrial career, I was involved in several strategic discussions aimed at increasing both the number of industry members, but also the number of companies associated with the ACS. My assignment as Board Liaison to the Corporation Associates Committee resulted in a refreshed strategic direction, with new tools, to change the trajectory for corporate relationships with the ACS. I am committed to continuing in this work to support the industry sector of the ACS.

ACS Member and Public Engagement
The ACS continues to expand the number of relevance of offerings to engage the public on all levels, and I continued to be actively involved, and strongly encourage ALL ACS member take the opportunity to pursue their passions in this arena. From public outreach efforts, such as Chemists Celebrate Earth Day and National Chemistry Week, to government advocacy efforts, such as working with national and local officials, it is important to work to educate and engage the public regarding the importance of the chemical enterprise.

Diversity, Inclusion and Respect
The strength of the ACS has as its foundation the ACS Values: Passion for Chemistry; Focus on Members; Professionalism; Safety and Ethics; Diversity, Inclusion and Respect. While I embrace them all, and recognize that they are all important, there has never been a higher need for focus on Diversity, Inclusion and Respect. As a champion of women in chemistry for over three decades (established WCC-Lilly Travel Awards 1989, Chair WCC 1995-1997), and strong advocate for inclusion of chemists of all backgrounds, I will continue to raise awareness, address issues, and ensure that participation in the ACS for all members is accessible and rewarding.

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