Chris’ Mission

  • Bodurow’s ACS Service Mission: help ACS organizations develop long-range vision, strategies, and robust plans to deliver, and includes improving member services and experiences.
  • Bodurow has a unique background, blending  a 35-year industrial career with an ongoing commitment to teaching, research and academic partnership.  She has special interest to increase the diversity and inclusion of the ACS, as exemplified by the transformation she led of the Women’s Chemists Committee in the mid-1990’s.
  • Her involvement with the ACS has spanned 38 years, as student, researcher, manager and leader.  She is committed to learning about the most important needs of District II, engaging a broad constituency to develop approaches to improve, and then work in partnership with all appropriate parties to put in place reliable and robust plans to deliver and sustain improvements.
  • Chris’ Candidate Statement can be found at: